There is no doubt that most sports marketing trends develop in the US, the country with the world’s largest sports market; at the same time, expectations of business partners are increasing every day. Rights holders need to work harder to distinguish themselves from others and succeed in this competitive market.

GAINS provides a monthly Trend Report for clients which includes all major sports marketing innovations in the US. This gives rights holders essential advantages necessary to generate new concepts and campaigns.
The Trend Report includes these categories – each one significant for every rights holder:

- Social Media
- Digital
- Broadcasting
- Sponsoring
- Entertainment
- Ticketing
- Merchandising
- Hospitality
- Brand Marketing
- Corporate Social Responsibility

GAINS’ Trend Report presents a valuable tool for rights holders to, for example, become “First Movers” in the area of digital media, explore emerging trends in technology and introduce new ideas in creating innovative marketing rights as well as creative activation campaigns. Ultimately it becomes a valuable asset in thinking outside the box. Of course the report can be adapted individually to the needs of each client.